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all kpop fanfics + icons!

golden writings ; all k-pop fanfics!!
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I go by the name of Kim. I spend my time writng fanfics that fail miserably all the time...
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Some are locked after 72 hours.
I haven't posted any icons yet, but there are samples of my work here: Official Mod Post.
I will add them later on. I am consentrating on writing and posting fanfics at the moment.
Please make sure to read the rules below before reading anything.
And if you want to be an affiliate, then check out the "Official Mod Post." The link is given above!!

This is the list of all fanfics i wrote:

✖ teh rules:
- be sure to read any warnings (NC-17, R etc...) before reading the fic.
- comments are love!
- that's all :D

✖ note: when a fic is rated NC-17 it doesn't mean that all chapters contain smut!
most of them are PG rated but contain a few (1 or 2) smut chapters.

fictions = 5+ chapters
ficlets = 4 or less chapters
Duelshots = consisting of 2 parts
Oneshots = consisting of 1 part

Fandom : Big Bang


» Ultimate Revenge ; Seungri Centric ; [R] on hiatus!

Fandom : Dong Bang Shin Ki


» Forced ; YunJae, YooSu ; [NC-17] ongoing...

{summary} {chapter 1}

Fandom : SHINee


» Flower Boy ; OnKey, JongTae and 2Min ; [NC-17] ongoing...


Fandoms : Dong Bang Shin Ki + Super Junior


» I'm Your Slave ; JaeMin and TeukHae ; [NC-17] on hiatus!

» Who's Got It All ; JaeMin, YooSu and more ; [NC-17] on hiatus!

- this list will be updated as i go along!